Seafood sites in Aguascalientes

Seafood sites in Aguascalientes

There is no doubt that the country’s coasts cook very well and luckily in the Bajio you can find and taste some of its most delicious products from the sea.

If you have already visualized yourself enjoying them, and you want to taste some dishes of seafood and fish in Aguascalientes to let you take its flavor to the very coast, do not lose sight of these options that might interest you.

Seafood to share

It is known that seafood can go well with a family meal or with your friends. If one of those is the occasion, forget about having to choose a single dish because the option of delicatessen
The Marinera includes some of the most popular seafood products.

His Manjar features large shrimp and breaded filet, fish ceviche, large macuíl shrimp, crab salad, and shrimp broth. With so much variety, it’s hard not to find something you like and it’s the perfect dish to share. Have you decided with whom yet?

El Favorito: hydrocálida version of the fish and chips english

Fish is part of England’s traditional food, so fish and chips is one of England’s most famous dishes.

This Dish Became Very Popular In The UK With The Second World War to the present day where it is one of the most demanded.

If you want to try a local version of this dish at Qrispy Fish
you can find it. This seafood restaurant in Aguascalientes specializes in breaded fish and offers different preparations. You can start with El Favorito, it’s breaded fish filet, bathed in gravy of your choice and comes with your favorite chips. Trying new things can be rich and fun!

Mariscada to give you the pleasure

The sea offers many rich and varied products. In addition to various types of fish, we are also spoiled with seafood that are a delight. If you love them and above all enjoy eating them in dishes that mix them, you can enjoy, for example, with a seafood.

Among the seafood restaurants in Aguascalientes, it is worth trying the menu of The Pelican Comelon where you will find a great diversity of seafood dishes. Your Seafood to Taste is a combination of steak, shrimp, surimi and octopus, served with rice, steamed vegetables, salad and bread. Classical seafood on the same plate!

Seafood broth, apapacho to the palate

The broths are totally comforting for a cold afternoon or when you need to recover from a long night. If that broth is also accompanied by delicious seafood, it becomes a real apapacho for your palate and, above all, for your body.

Your belly is roaring already, isn’t it? Well, you can order the Seafood Broth from Puerto Camarón with ingredients such as: chocolate clam, filet, crab, clam callo, surimi and shrimp. Now, just squeeze one lemon and enjoy!

Aguachile, for spicy lovers

The Aguachile, is a native dish of the coasts of the Pacific, particularly of Sinaloa, and it is not surprising that it has become popular in all the country, because its particular spicy flavor combines to the perfection with the typical flavor of the seafood.

If you’re in Aguascalientes craving fish and seafood, add a unique touch to your day with an aguachile de BACALAR AGUACHILES AND CHELASa restaurant specializing in this dish. If you like spicy, you may be surprised by the Aguachile Velvet, it is red with chiltepín chile and fresh shrimp. What do you say? Do you dare?

Ceviche, a classic that can’t fail

You can’t talk about seafood in Aguascalientes without talking about ceviche, a classic that stands out for its freshness and lightness. It is known that this dish is originally from Peru, but Mexico also claims its own. And how could it not, if it is also prepared very well here.

In Aguascalientes you can enjoy it at
Mero Sea KitchenYour Classic Ceviche has onion, green cucumber and fish, just as tradition has it! Are you a specialist in ceviches? Don’t wait any longer to give your approval.

aco de Cahuamanta, a northern classic

The fish taco is a traditional dish from the north of the country, specifically from the region of Sonora, where it used to be prepared with turtle meat, loggerhead turtle and manta ray. Nowadays, for environmental reasons, it is mainly found with the second one.

The Cahuamanta Tacos are part of the fish and seafood options in Aguascalientes that you can try in the restaurant.
The Full Taco Fish. This one has mantarraya cooked with vegetables and the secret recipe of the house, in addition it includes vegetables to accompany. A taco to the purest northern style!

Surely you are already looking for the right moment to enjoy all these faggots in Aguascalientes. Don’t despair and enjoy them one by one with the app of Uber Eats. Receive these rich options of
Seafood At Home where you like it and enjoy it!

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