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Eating healthier is too broad a term to be summed up in a couple of ideas. You can’t pretend to make all the changes at once because you’ll most likely end up giving up.

At Bangkok Stay, the ideal is to set simple and concrete goals, one or two a month, to create a habit. In this way, you will be able to be aware of whether you are complying with them and continue…

Eat more fruit

To reach the goal of eating 3 or more pieces of fruit a day.

  • Start the day with a piece of fruit. So, you’ve already taken 1 of the 3 pieces that are recommended daily. Take it as a habit!
  • Present the fruit in an appetizing way. If you prepare it and decorate it with a little cinnamon or aromatic herbs, it will be more attractive and you will eat it more to your liking.
  • Have fresh fruit on display, for example, in a fruit bowl that adorns the kitchen. That way you’ll have it more in mind. It can also help to keep a piece of fruit handy at all times: if you have it in your work bag or drawer, you can “kill the worm” at any time in a healthy way, instead of snacking on any other alternative.

Eat more vegetables

To eat 2 or more servings of vegetables a day, you can start by taking vegetables for lunch or dinner. This way it will end up on your plate at the main meals. If you find it hard to eat vegetables, pay attention to these tips!

  • Incorporate vegetables as a side dish or as part of main dishes. Any ideas? Green asparagus, mushrooms and saut√©ed tomatoes will give a spectacular touch to your macaroni or a few slices of eggplant as an accompaniment to baked fish will help make it easier to eat.
  • Don’t just eat them boiled. Steamed, for example, have a crunchy texture and, undoubtedly, combined with different dressings and spices, you will find them more appealing.
  • Make it your goal to try one or two vegetables a month that you’ve never eaten before. You’ll be surprised how much you might like some of them.

Eat more legumes

It is recommended to consume legumes 3 or 4 times a week. You can try substituting rice or pasta once a week with chickpeas, lentils or soya beans. It’s very easy to prepare; if you buy cooked vegetables, it’s even easier!

Another alternative is to incorporate pasta made from legume flour into your dishes. It’s great and you won’t even recognize legumes at first glance!

Recipes like hummus, falafel or veggie burgers are also a great way to eat legumes almost without realizing it. You’ll be amazed at how delicious these options are!

Eat more fish

Gradually introduce fish into your diet. You should eat 4 to 5 portions a week between white and blue fish.

If you prefer boneless, choose fish cut into fillets so you can easily remove them!

Some days, change the meat for the fish. You can cook it to the plate, to the oven, in papillote‚Ķ Spice it up with aromatic herbs, you’ll love it! Also try incorporating it into your favourite recipes, such as salads, pasta or legume dishes, rice or potatoes.

Innovate in the kitchen

Once a month, aim to find a new recipe for cooking. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, just something different than usual. This way you will become familiar with these recipes and you will be able to make your daily dishes much more varied, attractive and tasty.

If cooking isn’t something you particularly like, try baking or microwaving – they’re very simple and quick! Plus, you won’t get too dirty and the end result will be fabulous.

Look for kitchen utensils that help you cook more easily and in your daily life will make you enjoy healthy and fast dishes without complications. There are many options! Discover some here.