Get more “like” on Instagram

Get more “like” on Instagram

Want to get more like me or share on Instagram? Then you should check out this guide to optimize posts on this social network

With 500 million active users per month, Instagram is the second most popular social network after Facebook, making it the network of choice for photo and video sharing between similar users and brands. Users upload over 95 million photos and videos daily, and those posts bring together 4.2 billion “likes” daily on Instagram. A single post, done correctly, can accumulate tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands and even millions) of likes.

It’s not just Instagram celebrity accounts that have those large numbers in brand share. The brands that use Instagram see an interaction rate per follower of 2.26%, more than 10 times the 0.22 they see on FaceBook and nearly 100 times the 0.027% they see on Twitter.

With that level of participation, Instagram provides an important way to connect with potential followers and fans to create a sense of community and brand loyalty that would be impossible to achieve through traditional marketing or other social networks. But before you interact with your followers, you need to get their attention and that means learning how to get “liked” on Instagram.

What are Instagram “likes”?

Like other social networks, Instagram users can choose to “like” your content. They can do so by double-clicking your photo or video in the mobile application, or by clicking the heart-shaped icon on your content in the application or on a desktop. Instagram users do not have to follow you to “like” your posts.

So why is “like” so important? They are often the first point of contact between your content and a potential new follower. It’s a low commitment way for users to show appreciation for others’ posts, but likes can form an ongoing commitment that helps you build a community on Instagram.

Especially for brands, it’s important to get enough likes to reinforce your credibility. A photo with a very small number of “likes” can hurt your brand more than help it.

How to get more “like” on Instagram

Like any marketing tool in your arsenal, you need to develop a clear Instagram strategy based on concrete objectives. Sure, posting photos and creating with comments can be fun, but without a clear plan in mind, it’s more of a game than a legitimate business method.

Once you’ve clarified what you want to achieve with your Instagram news, it’s time to see how the components that make up each post can give you a “like” boost in Instagram.

Publish attractive photos and videos

Clearly you need to think seriously about the photos and videos you post on Instagram and make sure you choose the best and most interesting content for your news. When selecting your Instagram content, keep in mind the following three rules for photos:

  • Show your face or someone else’s: Photos that include people’s faces are 38 percent more likely to get “liked” on Instagram than those without a face.
  • Know your colors: Photos that are primarily blue get 24 percent more “likes” than photos with red as their primary color, and photos with a single color scheme get 17 percent more “likes” than those with different colors.
  • Beware of filters: researchers at Yahoo and Georgia Tech found that while photos with filters are more attractive, not all filters were created equal. The results showed that filters for increased contrast, proper exposure and warm tones have the best results. It can be easy to achieve this effect using Instagram’s manual editing tools than just selecting the filters already programmed. If your photo is good, don’t feel forced to use a filter just because you can.

To make your images unique and varied, try incorporating other Instagram applications. With Boomerang create short videos that repeat, with Hyperlapse create time-lapse videos and with Layout combine different images into a collage.

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Edward A. Lowrance