How to get more followers

How to get more followers

Instagram today is one of the most expressive social networks in the online world and securing your company’s territory on it is a smart move in the search for new leads.

The network has grown dramatically in recent years, reaching over 500 million active users, surpassing even social media such as Twitter, Pinterest and the beloved Snapchat.

Knowing how to communicate with your audience through this medium guarantees a good advantage for your company, but, before that, you need to know how to conquer followers who will get hooked on your publications.

With that in mind, we’ve set aside 28 ways to gain a new following for your brand on Instagram – read on to find out more!

Why invest in Instagram?

If the number of more than 500 million active users on the web doesn’t convince you, it might help to let you know that using images in content marketing brings surprising results for any kind of business.

And that’s not all. Instagram has over 60% of users online every day and an average of 80 million photos shared per day. Moreover, according to Global Index, the network doubled in size last year, with even more growth expected after the implementation of Instagram Stories.

If you interact on Instagram, there is no excuse for not being online as well, taking advantage of the communication channel to create closer links with your audience.

Investing in Instagram doesn’t require much to guarantee a good first step, just that

-Attention to trends
-Mind your tone of communication
-Publish frequently
-Interact online

So, don’t waste any more time and go now to create your online profile!

What if I want to… buy followers?

If you still believe that buying follower packages is the best alternative for your business, it is better to stop and rethink your marketing strategy. It’s the same with buying e-mail lists.

Buying users on Instagram means that you are adding, in a non-organic way, a huge amount of numbers that will later become a decoration on your profile. Those additions include a lot of fake profiles, inactive users, and worst of all, active users who are not from your niche.

Always remember that numbers, by themselves, do not guarantee sales or popularity. You need to take into consideration hook-up, conversions, and other metrics that are not just vanity.

Before we get started on our main topic, I invite you to download the Instagram ebook to learn more about social networking, strategies and best practices:

The best publication schedule

According to statistics, the best times to publish images on instagram during the week are between 17:00 and 18:00. The weekends (Saturday and Sunday) in the afternoon is when more users are on the social network. If we talk about posts for Instagram Stories, (the famous posts that are deleted in 24 hours) we could apply the same rule.

However, this may not be a rule for you, in many cases these times may not work for your audience, for several reasons, the first of which is to know your audience and understand what times they might be logging on to the social network and how often.

So if you have an instagram profile dedicated to people who work night shifts, for example, perhaps the schedule dictated by statistics is not correct, or if your audience are housewives with more than two children, they might have time to view your instagram at different times.

To gain followers on Instagram, there is a tool called Iconosquare, with it, besides knowing what is the best time for your publications, you can know other data, such as users who like your publications, and the filters that generate more likes.

If you want to know on where to find free instagram likes, Please visit their page for more information.

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